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An Ode To Cloud and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Technology and How it Will Change Smart Automation

Who are the Bloggers?

Victor Pak and Dusan Jankov

They are the founders of PoEWit Technologies. They are engineers; they are innovators; they marry engineering and innovation to create exciting Smart Automation Solutions.
It is evident they are passionate about the cloud and PoE. They believe it will elevate your home to new heights with smart automation.

  • Cloud: when a device is connected, it goes straight to the internet. It will gather instructions that are constantly innovated and updated, so it can deliver the most exceptional performance.
  • PoE: with a single Cat Cable, a device receives power and the ability to go to the cloud. Cat cable is easy and safe to run, eliminating the need for a battery for power and wifi, which will, at some point without fail, disconnect.

Realizing innovation was dying during a time where the cloud, audio and video streaming and connectivity is taking off, Victor and Dusan launched PoEWit Technologies, a very different type of start-up. The business is self-funded, why? because they want their creativity to be free from having to answer to any investors and short-term financial returns. Their goal is to build the best and most innovative products, without compromise!

Victor and Dusan are custom electronic space veterans. They were schooled in top colleges, like the University of Chicago, University of Southern California, and Tufts University. They both hold graduate degrees not only in engineering, but also business administration. They also held top engineering and management positions at well-known technology companies.
Victor and Dusan first work together in 1987 as rocket scientists developing software for advanced missile guidance systems. In 2003, they started a networking company together dedicated to the custom electronic channel, called Pakedge Device & Software. At that time, audio and video broadcast was changing from proprietary, complex, difficult to maintain solutions to standard IP based computer networks. They knew they could deliver better networking equipment beyond the compromised all-in-one wireless router that came with a small CPU, low powered RF amplifiers, and noise circuity. So, they did.

As a result, their vision grew Pakedge from a tiny start-up to a global networking company. Their impact was so seismic that they were voted the number #1 networking brand for six straight years by CE Pro. Eventually, a large public company purchased the solutions which still live on today.




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