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Burglaries Occur Every 15 Seconds in the United States… And We Deliver New Technology to PREVENT THEM!

Every year there are more than 2.5 million burglaries in the United States and over half of them are home invasions ! Property crimes take place across every state in the country and are by far the most common type of crime in America. And the #1 insurance claim for U.S. companies is burglary and theft.

Ok, So How Do I Stop Them? By Installing Smart Outdoor PoE Lighting and PoE Motion Detectors!

Experts say the key to preventing your property from being burglarized and vandalized is to keep your property well lit.  Smart outdoor PoE lighting can turn on only when necessary and can be installed in strategic locations so it provides an additional element of surprise as well as reduced operational cost.

Even in medieval times, the key to keeping enemy attackers at bay was to have the element of surprise and illumination on your side, whether it was the light of a full moon or shooting flares into the sky. Keeping your property safe from vandalism and theft is no different.

Imagine if you had a motion detection system that covered your entire property combined with very bright Outdoor PoE lighting that can initially be off or set very dim and/or set to a schedule. If any PoE motion detector is tripped, all the outdoor PoE Security lighting can go full bright across the entire property providing both illumination and surprise.

Furthermore, with this additional illumination provided by the Outdoor PoE Security Lighting all security IP cameras are automatically able to record in high-definition color, rather than grainy black and white. scaring away potential intruders and thieves.

Do you have Smart Outdoor PoE Lighting and PoE Motion Detectors Covering your Entire Property?

There have been a lot of technological advancements that make devices more intelligent and easier to install. Some of the most significant advancements are in Security Cameras, Alarm Systems and Video Doorbells. In fact, more homes and businesses have these devices than ever before.

Yet none of these devices provide smart illumination nor the element of surprise, which are the best deterrents. These devices make your property safer, but without Smart Outdoor PoE Lighting and PoE Motion Detectors system that covers your entire property, you are missing the most effective tool to stop vandalism and theft. Remember, it has been proven that property illumination and the element of surprise are the foundation of building a strong deterrent system.




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