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PoEWit Announces New Outdoor Architectural PoE Lighting

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, December 8th | PoEWit Technologies, Inc, a leading manufacturer and designer of smart Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Lighting and custom A/V network solutions, announced today that their New, Outdoor Architectural PoE Lights are now available. Seven different models to add elegant ambiance to Residential Exterior Lighting.

“PoEWit Architectural PoE Lights compliment PoEWit Security Lighting Solutions by adding stylish light fixtures to an installation,” said Victor Pak, Co-CEO of PoEWit. “All lights are powered and networked by PoE. Low voltage contractors can install this solution and cater to every outdoor lighting project without the need for an electrician. Also, by using PoE you can avoid the dangers of installing high voltage lights, and these lights don’t depend on unreliable Wifi.”

PoEWit Cloud PoE Outdoor Lights are becoming the new required addition to any outdoor security camera installation. PoEWit lights turn on dimmed to provide ambiance to a home’s perimeter; when motion detectors are triggered, the lights brighten to scare off intruders and enable security cameras to record in high-resolution color.

“Our lights are simple to configure and install and can be set up as part of the security lighting solution through PoEWit’s mobile app, or third-party automation platforms, such as Control4. PIR motion detection information is automatically passed to the cloud. From there, installers and homeowners can predetermine which light or lights are triggered,” added Victor Pak. “Also, PoEWit lights have a unique PoE Pass-Through feature that not only powers and networks itself, but also passes power downstream to security cameras or other lights.”

Finally, add a PoEWit UPS and PoE Ethernet switch to the installation so key cameras and lighting can operate in the event of a power outage. Pre-program secondary cameras to turn off, and non-essential lights to dim automatically to extend battery life until utility power is restored.

  • Cloud-controlled offering the most flexibility in usability and customization. Program any light to any motion detector and control it with any wall switch.
  • PoEWit architectural lights are powered by PoE; plus also a PoE pass-through feature to connect to PoEWit security lighting and IP cameras.
  • Architectural lights can be triggered by motion detectors, security camera motion detection outputs, and alarm outputs.
  • PoEWit security lights, architectural lights, and PoE landscape drivers provide the complete solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

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About PoEWit Technologies:

PoEWit’s goal is to advance a home’s or building’s electrical and network infrastructure so that sophisticated digital devices can be easily installed anywhere and perform more reliably. We want every device to be networked and powered in an efficient, smart, and safe manner. Our solutions are sophisticated Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices for the high-end residential and commercial automation markets. Our products are exclusively sold through our dealer network. We are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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