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PoEWit Releases Cloud-Controlled, PoE-Powered Commercial Wall Pack


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl. – PoEWit Technologies, a leading manufacturer of PoE lighting, PoE motion detectors, and custom A/V networking solutions, has announced the release of their WP-4, the industry’s first cloud-controlled, PoE-powered and networked, outdoor commercial lighting solution. The WP-4 is a dimmable LED wall pack that’s so bright, it  enables nearby IP security cameras to record in high-definition color at night. With a selectable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2,700K to 6,500K and a simple, app-based control system, the WP-4 is highly-customizable, yet easy to use.

The versatile, low-voltage wall pack can be triggered by motion detection outputs from motion sensors and security cameras as well as alarm outputs and NC/NO contacts. It boasts an IP65-rated weatherproof housing and a commercial-grade, impact-resistant, polycarbonate lens that won’t yellow with age.

“The WP-4 is the perfect addition to any outdoor commercial space, and it’s super easy to retrofit,” according to Victor Pak, Co-CEO of PoEWit. “It’s powered by PoE + PoE Pass-Through, which essentially means that PoE not only powers the wall pack, but also flows through the wall pack, sending power to any IP security camera or motion detector connected to its output ports.”

In outdoor commercial environments that require 24/7 uninterrupted light and security monitoring even during a utility power outage, Mr. Pak says it’s best to install the WP-4 with one of PoEWit’s cloud-controlled Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices as well as one of PoEWit’s cloud-controlled PoE network switches. While the UPS ensures continued power delivery, the network switch can disable any non-essential PoE ports (as specified by the user) in order to preserve the backup battery solely for the most critical lights and devices, such as outdoor security lighting, IP cameras, and motion detectors.

It’s also worth noting that third-party integration is available with Control4 and Crestron drivers.

  • Interested parties can learn more about the PoEWit WP-4 here.
  • Quick guide videos for all PoEWit solutions can be viewed here.

About PoEWit Technologies:

PoEWit’s goal is to advance a home’s or building’s electrical and network infrastructure so that sophisticated digital devices can be easily installed anywhere and perform more reliability. PoEWit wants every device to be networked and powered in an efficient, smart, and safe manner. PoEWit products are sophisticated Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, such as indoor and outdoor PoE lighting, PoE motion detectors, and custom A/V networking solutions for the high-end residential and commercial automation markets. All PoEWit products are sold exclusively through the PoEWit Dealer Network. Please visit the PoEWit website for more information.

PoEWit is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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Lindsay Miller




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