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PoEWit Releases Cloud-Controlled, PoE-Powered, RGBWW LED Wall Pack Light

PoEWit WP-6 PoE low voltage wall pack light

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL | PoEWit Technologies, a leader in PoE lighting and custom A/V networking solutions, proudly announces the launch of the WP-6, a state-of-the-art, cloud-controlled RGBWW LED Wall Pack Light powered by PoE. This innovative product marks a significant advancement in the field of outdoor lighting technology. 

 The WP-6 boasts a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) range of 2,700K to 5,000K, adjustable through PoEWit’s app-based interface, ensuring optimal conditions for high-definition color recording by IP security cameras at night, as opposed to infrared-assisted black and white. Additionally, the WP-6 can display a vibrant spectrum of colors across the RGB scale, enhancing both its functional and aesthetic capabilities. 

 Designed for seamless integration, the WP-6 is compatible with PoEWit’s extensive range of PoE-powered sensors and triggers, including the MD-1 Outdoor Motion Sensor, WS-2 Wall Switch, and IP-1 Dry Contact/Voltage Trigger. which enables a multitude of NC/NO contacts and triggers hird-party devices, such as alarm outputs and NVR pixel detection changes, creating a highly responsive security environment. The WP-6 can also be set to operate on a daily schedule via the PoEWit app. 

 Designed for seamless integration, the WP-6 is compatible with PoEWit’s extensive range of PoE-powered lighting controls and triggers. It can be activated via motion sensors, wall switches, security camera pixel detection, alarm outputs, and a multitude of NC/NO contacts and voltage triggers, creating a highly-responsive security environment. The WP-6 is additionally compatible with Crestron SIMPL, Control4, and URC automation systems, enhancing its flexibility and ease of integration into sophisticated residential and commercial settings. 

 Victor Pak, Co-CEO of PoEWit, states, “The WP-6 not only lights up building perimeters effectively but also boosts security measures. With just a few taps on our app, installers can configure the WP-6 to emit specific colors for different types of alarms — red for fire alerts, blue for security breaches, and so forth, providing a clear visual indicator of distress for emergency responders and passersby.” 

 The WP-6 features an IP65-rated weatherproof housing and a commercial-grade, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that retains its clarity over time. The PoE-powered LED Wall Pack is offered as a standalone unit or with PoE Pass-Through, enabling it to supply power to connected devices, such as IP cameras and motion sensors. 

 For areas susceptible to power interruptions, PoEWit recommends powering the WP-6 with a PoEWit PoE Network Switch and backing-up the network with a PoEWit Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS will ensure uninterrupted operation, while the network switch can disable any non-essential ports, preserving backup power for essential lights and devices. 

  • Interested parties can learn more about the PoEWit WP-6 here. 
  • Quick guide videos for all PoEWit solutions can be viewed here. 

About PoEWit Technologies: 

PoEWit Technologies is dedicated to advancing the electrical and network infrastructure of homes and buildings, making it easier to install and reliably operate sophisticated digital devices. As a specialist in advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, PoEWit is committed to networking and powering devices in an efficient, smart, and safe manner. PoEWit’s offerings cater to the upscale residential and commercial automation markets and are exclusively available through the PoEWit Dealer Network. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, PoEWit is at the forefront of delivering innovative and smart technology solutions. Please visit the PoEWit website for more information. 



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