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PoEWit’s Constant Voltage Driver for Landscape Lighting and Much More

PoEWit’s MV-1 is a dual-channel constant voltage driver that’s compatible with both Control4 and Crestron automation systems. Among a multitude of other applications, the MV-1 enables the integration of landscape lighting and outdoor security lighting. With a direct burial Cat cable, the MV-1 can safely power any 12V to 24V LED, including strip lights. It also supports digitally-addressable LEDs on multicolor light strips, enabling users to select and control not only the color of the entire strip, but also each individual segment of the strip.

The MV-1 – which boasts a 72W power budget – can also be used to power any device that requires constant voltage, such as alarm sirens, DC waterfall pumps, water walls, and pond motors, to name a few. The low-voltage driver features two independent channel outputs, enabling each channel to run on either 12V or 24V, independently of the other. Its software-tunable voltages allow for longer cable runs without voltage drops.With a PoEWit lighting and security system installed, the MV-1 can power an alarm siren on one channel and landscape or security lighting on the other channel. Adding PoEWit’s MD-1 motion detector to the installation completes the outdoor solution, such that any detected motion can trigger not only the outdoor security lights, but also décor and landscape lights, illuminating the entire property to the user’s desired luminosity.

When powered by the cloud-intelligent MV-1, landscape lights can be triggered by motion detectors, security camera outputs, and alarm panel outputs. All PoEWit lights, as well as any lights connected to PoEWit’s MV-1, can additionally be triggered via PoEWit’s PoE-powered wall switches as well as PoEWit’s free app, available for iOS and Android. The PoEWit app can additionally be used to increase or decrease luminosity and to setup specific lighting schedules based on the time of day. With PoEWit’s outdoor lighting and security solutions, any light can be linked to any motion detector(s) and any wall switch(es) for ultimate versatility and optimal functionality.

In addition to its multitude of outdoor applications, the MV-1 can also be used indoors for products that require constant voltage. PoEWit has not yet announced a release date for the MV-1, but the driver is currently in production and is expected in early 2023.




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